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Home safety: How to protect your home while you're away

by Waterfront Realty Group, Inc. 07/10/2024

When you go away on vacation, the last thing you want to do is worry about dealing with a break-in or property damage when you come back. Fortunately, there are several ways you can protect your home from break-ins, fires, floods and other dangers when you're away. The following tips can help you keep your home as safe as possible when you're on vacation.

Use timed lighting

Intruders can tell when someone is away from home if they notice no lights ever come on in the evening or at night. Before leaving your home, set up timers to turn lights on inside your home at certain times. You can adjust the times these lights go on, so they're not turning on and going off at the same times each day.

Use timers on exterior lights to make sure the outside of your home is well-lit during the night, since this can also deter intruders.

Unplug devices

Power outages and surges can damage your electronics. Go around your house before leaving and unplug devices, such as your TVs and computers. You might also want to unplug microwaves and other small appliances to keep them safe from surges as well while you're gone. If you don't want to disconnect or unplug devices, plug them into a surge protector.

Have your mail stopped or picked up

Arrange to have your mail stopped temporarily while you're on vacation. If you don't want to do this, you can ask a trusted loved one to stop by your home regularly to pick up your mail. Letting mail pile up in your mailbox can make it easy for intruders to figure out no one is home, which increases the risk of a break-in.

Double check doors and windows

All of your doors and windows should be locked before you leave for your vacation. Go around your house, and double check every door and window to make sure they're all locked. Check your garage doors to make sure they're also locked, since intruders can break in this way as well.

Put valuables away

Don't leave any valuables out where intruders might see them when you're away from home. Have your valuables stored in a safe place in your home or in a safe deposit box.